Understanding The Six Stages Of A Divorce

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Getting divorced in Colorado is a process that unfolds through a series of six separate stages. These are the various steps that take place as the initial separation gives way to the finality of a marriage ending. The transition from being married to becoming single again is one that affects each person in ways that studies can now describe.

What do the six stages of divorce entail?

The six succeeding stages of an ongoing divorce and its aftermath can be listed as such:

  • The initial shock that occurs when you or your partner decides to end the relationship
  • The three-week rush of euphoria or confusion that follows the decision to leave
  • The period of adjustment and normalizing that occurs three months later
  • Attempts at reconciliation or continued legal battles that may occur up to six months to a year later
  • The atmosphere of final acceptance that settles in after a year
  • The reality of a completely new life that one recognizes after two years

Dealing with the aftermath of divorce

There are many degrees of both loss and gain that need to be accounted for during and after a divorce. Each person who goes through this process will react and adapt differently. This is due to factors such as their life history, emotional health, and level of maturity.

Knowing and understanding the six stages of a divorce can be helpful in many ways. These stages can serve as guides that help you navigate through an emotionally trying time. Having a better idea of what to expect at each stage can enable you to prepare for a new life.

The main thing to remember is while divorce is life-changing, its negative effects need not be permanent. These effects can be mitigated and successfully overcome with adequate time and plenty of support. A divorce can thus be seen as a learning experience rather than a stumbling block.