The Hidden Losses Of Divorce In Colorado

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Divorce hits hard in many ways in Colorado; some surprising losses in a divorce that feel the most painful are losing the feeling of love, the loss of teamwork and even the loss of some family members’ attention.

Things you used to love

After the end of a marriage, it might surprise you how long the fallout affects your life. It’s common to think you’re okay for extended periods, only to have the feelings return out of nowhere. Sometimes, the thing that triggers these feelings might seem utterly arbitrary until you realize the underlying connection to life with your ex-partner.

Life after a divorce means losing precious moments with the kids. Also, logistically, you’ll have less time for family as more time must be spent managing your custody plan and other schedules.

The trivial things might leave the biggest hole, like a kiss and a hug before school or hearing about their day afterward. Divorced parents might have to miss out on eating meals together, watching their favorite show or helping with homework. Even some things that felt like a hassle at the time can suddenly feel like a significant loss.

You also lose your partner to celebrate the victories with and share grievances. Raising kids is ideally a team effort, but it feels much less when separated.

The loss of your marital team

Often, people don’t realize how much you leaned on your spouse until you’re no longer with them. As a result, everyday chores and responsibilities now must be done without any contribution your ex-spouse used to make to the team eliminated.

Divorced couples also lose their shared experiences. Suddenly, you have no one to share the things you’ve gone through together: the rituals and traditions that have become your family history.

Friends and family

There’s also the loss of your ex-partner’s extended family. Even members of your own family might not come out on your side. In addition, people sometimes lose friends who are forced to choose between the couple.

And then there are the financial losses. You might lose your home and must find a new place to live, and it will be hard to settle somewhere else.