Be cautious when using social media during a divorce

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It seems as though everyone in Colorado has at least one social media account. Some people have several. In many instances, this is harmless. However, some posts can pose a problem during a divorce and it is important to be aware of that.

Social media use can cause issues in a divorce

People share various levels of information about themselves on social media. As the divorce proceeds, there are points to remember to keep social medial from causing a negative impact.

The wisest choice is to cease using social media until after the case. If nothing is posted, there is nothing to explain. For those who still want to post or need to post for business reasons, they should not air their dirty laundry.

Posts that cannot be seen by the masses will not come back to haunt the poster. It is essential to take advantage of the privacy settings and lock the account so only designated people can see them. Most social media outlets have this option. “Relationship status” updates can stoke hard feelings. This should be avoided altogether.

Social media can take a particularly dark turn when people try to benefit their case by looking for negative information about the other person or go so far as to post intimate images or videos. This tends to make the situation far worse than it needs to be.

Children are innocent bystanders in a divorce and they too could use social media to express their feelings about the case. They need to be watched, their activity monitored and even limited in how they use it.

Know how to prepare

Almost every divorce will have its share of obstacles. This is true for all people whether they are blue collar workers who are thinking about their finances or others who have substantial net worth and who are wondering how the case will be resolved. Family law can be complex and it is imperative to understand how to navigate the process to reach a positive result.