What’s The Right Amount Of Time A Person Should Spend In Prison?

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When an individual commits a crime and gets convicted in Colorado, what’s the right amount of time they should spend in prison? Not surprisingly, the answer to this question will differ depending on several factors ranging from your race and political leaning to the severity of the crime.

How do Americans feel about prison time?

Discovering how U.S. adults feel about the amount of time a person should spend in prison is an interesting study. There is a fairly even split between individuals who believe people spend too much time in prison, not enough time, and the right amount of time. Delving into politics and race may provide a clearer picture.

Examining political leanings and attitudes toward prison time

Political affiliation seems to be connected to how some U.S. residents feel about the amount of time a person should spend in prison. Here are some statistics:

– 44% of Republicans say people convicted spend too little time in prison, and 14% say it’s too much.
– 21% of Democrats believe prison time is too short for individuals, and 41% think it’s too long.

Examining race and ethnicity attitudes toward prison time

How do you feel about the amount of time a person should be in prison as a Black, White, Asian or Hispanic adult? Here are some stats about race or ethnicity groups:

– Thinking individuals spend too much time in prison: Black – 40%, White – 26%, Asian – 26%, Hispanic – 25%
– Thinking individuals spend too little time in prison: Black – 17%, White – 36%, Asian – 34%, Hispanic – 28%

Crime type and time served in prison

Looking at the actual time that individuals spend in prison for various criminal convictions can indicate if people spend too much or too little time in prison. Here are average sentences:

– Murder: 17.5 years
– Rape: 7.2 years
– Non-negligent manslaughter: 7 years
– Negligent manslaughter 3.7 years
– Other sexual assault 3.6 years
– Robbery 3.2 years

Crimes pertaining to assault, burglary, drug trafficking motor vehicle theft, and drug possession range from 0.8 to 1.4 years in prison on average. As you might expect, prison sentences are higher for more violent crimes. However, people’s opinions on the right amount of time a person should spend in prison will vary.