When Your Spouse Asks For A Divorce

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For many Colorado couples, marriage isn’t always easy. Divorce is even more difficult. As a result, if your spouse suddenly reveals that they want a divorce, you might feel shocked, scared, confused or angry. Whether the admission is completely out of the blue or one you’ve expected for a while, it can still be a touchy situation. Whatever the case, it’s important to be level-headed with your response regardless of whether you are willing or unwilling to get a divorce.

What should you do if you don’t want a divorce?

If your spouse wants to get a divorce but you want to stay married, it’s important to be calm. Talk to them rationally. It might be difficult, but you should avoid getting overly emotional. Bring up the subject of therapy to see whether your spouse is open to trying to save the marriage. If they are, you can find couples counseling and attend sessions to work on your relationship.

However, if your spouse tells you that they definitely want a divorce, you should be respectful and allow them to have the space they need. In some cases, they might need some time alone to clear their head and may even come to realize that they don’t want to end the marriage after all. It’s possible for them to come around and realize they do want to save the marriage. If that’s not the case, you should continue being respectful and seek help on your own as individual or group therapy is helpful.

What should you avoid doing after being asked for a divorce?

The mere idea of a Colorado divorce can be emotionally draining. Your first instinct might be to fall apart. You might try to cling onto them for dear life. These are the wrong things to do. Your spouse might think you’re being manipulative and resent you. Although they probably still love you, being too clingy during this time can push them even further away.

Patience makes all the difference in the world when your spouse reveals they want a divorce. If you give them space, understanding, and patience, they might get a clearer perspective.