At J.P. Martin Law Group, I’m dedicated to resolving legal issues as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact me today for guidance and representation through family law issues and after criminal charges.

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Legal Guidance That Puts Your Family First

The decision to file for divorce is just the first in a long line of difficult choices you’ll have to make as you determine the next step for your family. J.P. Martin Law Group can help ensure you start off on the right foot. Whether you are looking for a legal advisor to help you agree on the division of your assets, or a tenacious advocate in the courtroom who will fight for fair child custody, I have the skills and experience to help. Make sure the decisions you make for your life, and your family’s lives, are the right ones. Contact J.P. Martin Law Group for guidance.

Practice Areas

Family Law Representation

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Criminal Law Representation

Experienced Defense Against Criminal Charges

Just because you’ve been charged with a crime, doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted. My goal is to not only make sure your side of the story is told, but to ensure you are treated fairly, regardless of the charges against you. I can represent clients in a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases, including drug charges, vehicular homicide and more. The court system may not always seem fair and if you are seeking to appeal a criminal conviction, I may be able to represent you. I can do a thorough evaluation of your case to determine the best strategy moving forward.

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Joshua Martin

My Unique Approach To Every Case

Whether I am helping a client finalize their divorce, or defending a client against DUI charges, my goal is simple: to provide the best legal services I can. To do this, I take the time to get to know my clients and offer creative solutions that are applicable to their needs. I rely upon honest communication and thorough preparation to ensure my clients have the best defense possible if their case goes to court. I have helped thousands of clients find resolutions to their legal issues and formerly served as a Deputy Public Defender for the state of Colorado.
Your future is in good hands when you trust it to J.P. Martin Law Group.